21st August 2017 – They Did It!

We’re absolutely delighted to tell you that the London to Paris team completed their challenge yesterday – they did it! They rode nearly 300 miles from Trafalgar Square to the Eiffel Tower, getting there in Saturday evening.

Mark, Matt, Damien, Andy, Shane and Paul have endured punctures, hills, cattle on the road, blazing sun, cold rain, and strong headwinds to reach their destination. They’ve done brilliantly. We’re so proud of them. 

Massive thanks to Sarah as well who, along with Bekki, drove the support van, making sure the guys were fed and watered at every stop. Thanks also to Tamara and Eryn for coming out to Paris to see them reach the finish line.

The challenge has been a year in the planning and took a lot of organising. The team have done themselves proud and we are very grateful for their support. Seeing them in their fab team shirts, riding down to Dover or through the beautiful French countryside, or making their way through Paris made us feel emotional, and their sterling efforts will be talked about for years to come.

They are well on their way to reaching their £5000 fundraising target – with Gift Aid and offline donations, they are nearly there. http://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/thecampbellburnsmetabolictrust/l2p

Huge thanks, huge high fives, huge love to them all.

Love Bekki and Mark xx 

18th August 2017 – And They Are On Their Way…

The London to Paris Challenge started yesterday – Mark, Matt, Damo, Andy, Shane and Paul put their wheels to the road at Trafalgar Square, so that’s Day 1, done and dusted. They’ve done brilliantly so far and coped with everything the challenge has thrown at them.

Updates will be posted to the Trust’s Facebook page and you can read about their challenge here: www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/thecampbellburnsmetabolictrust/l2p

Go for it chaps! 2 more days to go!

16th August 2017 – London To Paris Challenge Team Members (3)

Introducing the final two team members:

Damien Prior
Experience: Coast to Coast 2015, Reservoir Cogs, Rutland Water race, lots of routes recorded on Strava
Looking forward to: Riding with his mates, cheeky coffees at French cafes, extra large steak in the evening.
Biggest challenge: Getting enough Wi-fi to record it all on Strava
Skill: Dad-dancing, singing along to George Michael – oh, bike stuff?
Weakness for: Espressos

Paul Hart
Experience: Reservoir Cogs, Rutland Water race, evening rides in the local area.
Looking forward to: Seeing the Paris sights on the last day’s ride, celebrating a great team achievement.
Biggest challenge: Staying on route and not getting lost.
Skill: Excellent time-keeping skills. Truly excellent.
Weakness for: Cuppa tea, bacon and egg cobs.

That’s the team and they’re raring to go!

15th August 2017 – London To Paris Challenge Team Members (2)


Andy Radcliffe
Experience: Our more seasoned, experienced Team Member. Coast to Coast 2013, 2015, Reservoir Cogs, Rutland Water race, L’Eroica etc etc etc
Looking forward to: Beautiful historic landmarks alongside huge possibility of getting lost. Re-enacting Wiggo’s triumphant 2012 arrival in Paris whilst adorned in the maillot jaune, securing free beers as a result of mistaken identity as Wiggo’s cousin!
Biggest challenge: The last 27k when we bid au revoir to the support vehicle
Skill: Rusty schoolboy French, passion about the history of professional cycling, route planning and wearing his shirt open, a la Sir Wiggo
Weakness for: Protein and energy gel consumption. Slight David Millar obsession.

Shane Hodson
Experience: Coast to Coast, Reservoir Cogs, Rutland Water race, L’Eroica, lots of bike experience.
Looking forward to: Filling himself with steak after a day’s riding and gathering the next 5 years worth of pub conversation.
Biggest challenge: Not looking forward to finding out if he needs chamois cream, especially if he hasn’t got any!
Skill: MacGyver-like skills when it comes to fixing bikes.
Weakness: Bit wobbly on a ferry (don’t sit next to Shane).

Final two team members will be introduced tomorrow!

14th August 2017 – London To Paris Challenge Team Members (1)


Mark Burns
Experience: Coast to Coast 2015, Reservoir Cogs, Rutland Water race
Looking forward to: seeing the fantastic landmarks around Paris and the champagne at the end!
Biggest challenge: getting up the hills
Skill: knowing lots of Scottish words the team have never heard of
Weakness for: chocolate and Scottish rolls

Matt Groves
Experience: Coast to Coast support driver, Reservoir Cogs, Rutland Water race
Looking forward to: cycling through London, making sure Paul doesn’t get lost
Biggest challenge: remembering that he’s not riding a Brompton
Skill: baking high-calorie flapjacks
Weakness for: Guinness and all things Brompton related.

Two more team members will be introduced tomorrow!

11th August 2017 – 5 Years Ago We Became A Registered Charity

We are absolutely delighted to tell you that tomorrow marks the 5th anniversary that The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust became registered with the Charities Commission. From an idea amongst Campbell’s family sitting around a dinner table to where we are now – this brilliant charity has grown and we’re so, so pleased to have helped so many families.

In the past five years, the Trust has awarded an incredible:

867 Grants – Experience, Essentials, Food Preparation, Emergency, and grants to family support group activities and hospital-run events

This has only been possible through the generous support of our fundraisers and donors, including a £10,000 donation from the Worshipful Company of Grocers. Over the last five years, you magnificent people have raised or donated:


That’s just staggering. We’re honoured to have your support and being able to help children in Campbell’s name makes us very proud. As John and Marilyn (Campbell’s Granda and Grandma, and charity Trustees) put it: “from the low of losing Campbell to the high of knowing we are able to help others and keep his name alive, the charity has helped us to smile again.”

It takes a lot of hard work to run a charity and the Trustees all do it on a volunteer basis. We’re powered by tea, chocolate, and a desire to help and to make childrens’ lives that little bit easier. Here’s to the next 5 years.

Thank you.

Love from Bekki, Mark, Dan, Holly, Isla, and all the Trustees.

And Campbell xx

7th August 2017 – Fabulous Shirts For The London To Paris Challenge

Happy Monday everyone. We’re starting the new week with a bounce in our step because we are delighted to reveal the shirts the gang of Wheeled Warriors will be wearing on their London to Paris Challenge later this month. The team was very fortunate to have received shirt sponsorship from Matt Groves at Big Sixty, and John and Marilyn Burns (JAM). Here’s Matt, handing over a shirt to Bekki, Chairman of The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust.

Matt also designed the shirts, with input from the team, and they are absolutely fantastic. They have the text code (LTOP17 £10 t0 70070) and some very recognisable London and Paris landmarks – the guys will look great in them and we can’t wait to put Campbell’s footprint on The Mall or down the Champs-Élysées.

Here’s another photo of Matt and Mark, Campbell’s Daddy and another cycle team member.

Huge thanks to Matt, John and Marilyn for their support. The team are going to look so awesome and we’re really proud of them all.

“Big Sixty provides consultancy and professional services, to enable our clients to make the best use of technology for maximum business impact.” www.bigsixty.co.uk

Love Bekki and Mark xx