6th March 2017 – Devil Mud Run Heros

Let’s take on a Mud Run Challenge, someone said last year. Ok, said a gang of volunteers, (possibly) not aware of just how hard that Mud Run Challenge would be…

This weekend saw a brave band of Trust supporters take on the Devil Mud Run in Cheltenham. We’ve been letting you know how the training has been going for some time but I don’t think anything could have prepared us for the gigantic undertaking it was. By ‘eck. “Mud” doesn’t really cover what Team Campbell had to wade, crawl, slither, roll and haul through.

There were 31 obstacles – whether that included the vertical slopes you had to climb up, I’m not sure, or the bog that sucked trainers off the unlucky (thanks for the laugh, Campbell’s Uncle Chris). There were ice baths, waterslides into a pool of mud, climbing frames, tyre parks to crawl through or carry up a hill, brambles to avoid, haybales to jump over – you name it. If it was hard to do, covered in mud, it was there.

Needless to say, the team spirit between our gang was amazing.  4 Team Members took on the course on Saturday and 11 members went for it on Sunday. Saturday’s course was tough but it bucketed it down overnight, so the Sunday team must have had to pull out all the stops. We encouraged each other, pulled each over over or under obstacles, laughed when we clattered over, and got each other to the finish.

So far, Team Campbell has raised over £2000 and the Just Giving page is still open, if you want to donate. A huge, muddy, Campbell-sized thank you to the team for their monumental efforts. Hope you all had a long soak in the bath after, and a well-deserved beer.

Team Campbell:
Chris Pockett, Pierre Lombard, Belle Crick, Bekki Burns, Gareth Jenkins, Neil Lyons, Claire Tassell, Fred Pensom, Tony Sarsby, Fran Noble, Rich Taylor, Kate Atkinson, Ally MacLeod, Lou Sarsby, Olly Sills


Big muddy love from Bekki and Mark xxx

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