10th March 2017 – Our Grants

Mowning all. We thought we’d share some info about the grants on offer from the Trust, so you can see why fundraising events and challenges like last week’s Devil Mud Run are so important to us.

  • Essentials grant  – a grant of up to £100, to help cover household bills and the cost of taking a child to a hospital appointment
  • Experience grant – a grant of up to £100, to help cover the cost of a family going on a day out with their child, to a theme park or somewhere similar
  • Food Preparation grant – a grant of up to £100 to help cover the cost of kitchen equipment, such as breadmakers, blenders, food processers etc. Very useful when caring for a child on a restricted diet
  • Emergency grant – a grant awarded to a family having to deal with an unexpected cost associated with caring for their child

All the application forms and guidance documents from our charity website.

Our grants are making a difference to families. Here’s some recent feedback about an Essentials Grant we awarded:

“The grant went towards household bills which have been a struggle to keep up with since the Christmas period. […] I have been struggling since Christmas to pay for food shopping and bills so this £100 has been a lifesaver.”

Let’s keep going and support more and more families. On to the next challenge!

love Bekki and Mark xx


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