3rd April 2017 – Grants Available From The Trust

How was your weekend? Anyone pull any hilarious April Fool’s Day pranks on you? Aside from running around, trying to find the kids’ sports kit for their weekend clubs (lost gumshields, gloves, and tennis rackets are always a running joke at Trust HQ – so FUNNY when lost for the 100th time, absolutely hilarious), the weekend passed relatively peacefully.

We do have rather a busy year of fundraising coming up, which is brilliant and, at some point, we’ll bash together a calendar and put it on here so you can see it. There are lots of sporting challenges, music events, craft fayres – it’s going to be wicked.

Here’s a reminder of why we’re so busy and why our fundraisers are heros – they enable us to award the following grants to families dealing with metabolic conditions:


  • Essentials grant  – a grant of up to £100, to help cover household bills and the cost of taking a child to a hospital appointment
  • Experience grant – a grant of up to £100, to help cover the cost of a family going on a day out with their child, to a theme park or somewhere similar
  • Food Preparation grant – a grant of up to £100 to help cover the cost of kitchen equipment, such as breadmakers, blenders, food processers etc. Very useful when caring for a child on a restricted diet
  • Emergency grant – a grant awarded to a family having to deal with an unexpected cost associated with caring for their child

We’re gearing up for an important year in our charity’s calendar and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. Watch this space!

Love Bekki and Mark xx



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