30th April 2017 – Today Our Blog Is 5

We started writing the blog on 30th April 2012, just a few weeks after Campbell was diagnosed with Leigh’s Disease and, unbelievably, we’re still writing it 5 years on. Yes, today the blog turns 5 – what a journey we’ve all been on.

The blog is where it all started. We started writing it as a way of keeping friends and family informed about Campbell’s illness and the effect upon our family. From that tiny little act grew a charity and a way to reach out to families dealing with all kinds of challenges. We could never have imagined what that first blog post did – it connected us with friends old and new and gave so many kind people the opportunity to help us make sense of Campbell’s illness. The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust is his legacy and the legacy of all those fantastic friends, supporters and charity fundraisers of ours who enable us to make a difference.

It’s going to be quite a summer. In May we’ll celebrate the foundation of the Trust, five years ago, when a group of family members sat around a dining table and sketched out plans for a small charity. Then in August we’ll celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Trust becoming registered with Charity’s Commission. Stick with us – it’s going to be an incredible year of fundraising.

Love you, Campbell, and hope you’re proud of what is being done in your name.

Love Bekki and Mark xx


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