5th May 2017 – London To Paris Cycle Challenge

Well, we’ve been promising you some fundraising news and here it is…drum roll…we’re delighted to tell you that, later this year, a team of six will be taking on a cycle challenge in aid of the Trust. Mark Burns, Andy Radcliffe, Damien Prior, Shane Hodson, Matt Groves and Paul Hart will be cycling the 300 or so miles between London to Paris, over the course of 3 days!

It’s going to be quite an undertaking and the guys have been training hard. Barely a pint of cider or kebab has passed their lips over the last few months – they are like athletes. Chafed athletes but Olympians just the same.

Four of the six did the Coast to Coast cycle in 2015 and were supported by Matt. This year they’ve been joined by Paul – it’s just like the reformation of Take That, with one extra thrown in for luck.

They’ve been training hard (hence the odd photo of them dressed in lycra) and there’s still a few months of toil and graft ahead of them. Super-proud of what they’ve achieved so far and can’t wait to watch them complete the challenge in August.

You can read more and sponsor them at https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/thecampbellburnsmetabolictrust/l2p

Keep going, lads! think of the wine and cheese at the end 🙂

Love Bekki and Mark xx


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