22nd May 2017 – 5 Years Ago This Month…

On 30th April, the blog turned 5. And, five years ago this month, a gang of Campbell’s family sat down and worked out whether we could create a charity in his name to do some good to support other children with metabolic conditions.

None of us had set up a charity before, but most of us had done some volunteering and we all had lots of experience in different areas that we felt we could use. Readers of the blog may remember that we decided to set up initially as a Small Organisation and see how successful that was. Well, the wonderful blog followers made sure it was a success through their support and fundraising and, within months, we knew it, we were filling in the paperwork and meeting the criteria for registering as a charity. It will be the 5th anniversary for becoming a registered charity in August, so expect to see plenty of excited posts and photos then!

It’s taken (and continues to take) a huge amount of work to run the charity. We do it on a volunteer basis, powered by tea and chocolate, and it’s work we love to do. We’re incredibly proud that The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust has grown from strength to strength. Since that first meeting in May 2012, when the founder Trustees gathered to discuss how we could put into action something we all wanted to do, the charity set up in Campbell’s name grows and has supported lots of children.

From that tiny acorn grew this big, strong, powerful tree. We’re all in this together, helping to support families deal with metabolic conditions.

Big, Campbell-sized love on this Monday morning.

Bekki and Mark xxx


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