7th August 2017 – Fabulous Shirts For The London To Paris Challenge

Happy Monday everyone. We’re starting the new week with a bounce in our step because we are delighted to reveal the shirts the gang of Wheeled Warriors will be wearing on their London to Paris Challenge later this month. The team was very fortunate to have received shirt sponsorship from Matt Groves at Big Sixty, and John and Marilyn Burns (JAM). Here’s Matt, handing over a shirt to Bekki, Chairman of The Campbell Burns Metabolic Trust.

Matt also designed the shirts, with input from the team, and they are absolutely fantastic. They have the text code (LTOP17 £10 t0 70070) and some very recognisable London and Paris landmarks – the guys will look great in them and we can’t wait to put Campbell’s footprint on The Mall or down the Champs-Élysées.

Here’s another photo of Matt and Mark, Campbell’s Daddy and another cycle team member.

Huge thanks to Matt, John and Marilyn for their support. The team are going to look so awesome and we’re really proud of them all.

“Big Sixty provides consultancy and professional services, to enable our clients to make the best use of technology for maximum business impact.” www.bigsixty.co.uk

Love Bekki and Mark xx


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