15th August 2017 – London To Paris Challenge Team Members (2)


Andy Radcliffe
Experience: Our more seasoned, experienced Team Member. Coast to Coast 2013, 2015, Reservoir Cogs, Rutland Water race, L’Eroica etc etc etc
Looking forward to: Beautiful historic landmarks alongside huge possibility of getting lost. Re-enacting Wiggo’s triumphant 2012 arrival in Paris whilst adorned in the maillot jaune, securing free beers as a result of mistaken identity as Wiggo’s cousin!
Biggest challenge: The last 27k when we bid au revoir to the support vehicle
Skill: Rusty schoolboy French, passion about the history of professional cycling, route planning and wearing his shirt open, a la Sir Wiggo
Weakness for: Protein and energy gel consumption. Slight David Millar obsession.

Shane Hodson
Experience: Coast to Coast, Reservoir Cogs, Rutland Water race, L’Eroica, lots of bike experience.
Looking forward to: Filling himself with steak after a day’s riding and gathering the next 5 years worth of pub conversation.
Biggest challenge: Not looking forward to finding out if he needs chamois cream, especially if he hasn’t got any!
Skill: MacGyver-like skills when it comes to fixing bikes.
Weakness: Bit wobbly on a ferry (don’t sit next to Shane).

Final two team members will be introduced tomorrow!


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