21st August 2017 – They Did It!

We’re absolutely delighted to tell you that the London to Paris team completed their challenge yesterday – they did it! They rode nearly 300 miles from Trafalgar Square to the Eiffel Tower, getting there in Saturday evening.

Mark, Matt, Damien, Andy, Shane and Paul have endured punctures, hills, cattle on the road, blazing sun, cold rain, and strong headwinds to reach their destination. They’ve done brilliantly. We’re so proud of them. 

Massive thanks to Sarah as well who, along with Bekki, drove the support van, making sure the guys were fed and watered at every stop. Thanks also to Tamara and Eryn for coming out to Paris to see them reach the finish line.

The challenge has been a year in the planning and took a lot of organising. The team have done themselves proud and we are very grateful for their support. Seeing them in their fab team shirts, riding down to Dover or through the beautiful French countryside, or making their way through Paris made us feel emotional, and their sterling efforts will be talked about for years to come.

They are well on their way to reaching their £5000 fundraising target – with Gift Aid and offline donations, they are nearly there. http://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/thecampbellburnsmetabolictrust/l2p

Huge thanks, huge high fives, huge love to them all.

Love Bekki and Mark xx 


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