30th October 2017 – Team Glow Baby Glow And The Trust’s AGM

Saturday saw an awesome gang of trust supporters take on a unqiue challenge – Grace (Campbell’s cousin), and her friends Amber and Lewis, and their mums Claire, Amanda and Tracey, took on the Devil Glow Run and smashed it.

They ran around an obstacle course consisting of walls, hay bales, swamps, foam jumps, rope swings, mud, and did it IN THE DARK! What a group of legends!

They did it to raise funds for the Trust and we’re very grateful. Also very proud of our young supporters for their efforts and for dragging their mums round 🙂

Here are some photos. Think Buster the dog is wondering why Grace is allowed to get away with walking into the house so muddy when he isn’t…


We’re also pleased to bring you the date of the Trust’s AGM. We’re holding it later in the year due to financial reporting we have to do and the Annual Report will be released on this date as well. It’s going to be held on Saturday, 2nd December. Please let me know if you’d like to come along so we can book a suitable room. Just email bekki@campbellstrust.co.uk

Been a busy weekend – have a great week!

Love Bekki and Mark xx


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