1st November 2017 – Christmas Cards

We interrupt your week to bring you news of…Trust Christmas Cards! We know, we know, how DARE we say Christmas when we’ve only JUST had Halloween and NOT EVEN had Bonfire Night.

But, for the organised among us, getting our Christmas cards in order is an important task. And the Trust is only too delighted to help you with this.

We’ve been very lucky in having the support of our friend, Jo Shilliam, who is a very talented artist. Over the years, Jo has designed some gorgeous cards for us. We’re really pleased to tell you that, this year, we are selling mixed packs of cards using the brilliant designs of the last five years.

Your options are:

4 Pack Offer
£2.00 (plus postage) for a pack of 4 cards, A5 size. 1 card of each design below:

Christmas cards - snowmen

5 Pack Offer
£1.00 (plus postage) for pack of 5 small cards (approx 4×4 inches). Choose from one of the 2 designs below:

Drop us a message on the blog if you’d like some cards, or message us on Facebook or email. Stock is limited so get your orders in early!

Love Bekki and Mark xxx


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