15th November 2017 – Trustees Week (2)


To continue with Trustees Week, we’re delighted to tell you about a couple more of our epic Trustees.

Claire and Chris Pockett – Campbell’s Auntie and Uncle.

“Being Trustees for a charity might sound glamorous but the reality is very, very different. We both work full time, we have two very energetic kids and two even more energetic dogs. Our washing machine is never off, there’s always the morning scramble to get out the house on time, never mind the gauntlet of after school clubs, sports clubs, trips, dress up days, dress down days, whatever. Spare time isn’t really a thing for us. Oddly though, being Trustees gives us time together, time we enjoy. We plan and work on events together, bouncing ideas off each other, talking everything through. In the run up to an event, we spend our evenings. laptops open, working out logistics or contacting people. We sound out ideas, how can we make this bigger, or that better. It’s not easy. When there’s dinner to be cooked, dogs to be walked, homework and reading to be done and that sodding washing machine to be emptied, turning our tired minds to the next CBMT thing can be hard.
But then we meet a family who say how the Trust has helped. We see the photos of the smiling faces. We listen, spellbound, as a consultant tells a room how the work our little charity does is so important, that the support we’ve given to a child has done the impossible and bought time. 5 years ago, we did it for Campbell, to honour his name and to build his legacy. Today and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next, we’ll do it for Cam, and for all the others too.”

Claire and Chris


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