23rd February 2018 – Christmas Party At Great Ormond Street Hospital

As you probably know, the Trust helps out with Christmas parties and events held at various metabolic units around the country, and helps family-support groups fund some of their activities. We were delighted to help the incredible metabolic team at Great Ormond Street Hospital at Christmas – Nicky Mumford, Mathilda and team always put on a party for the children in their care, and really pull out all the stops to make sure their children have a fantastic time.

The Trust funded the cost of the face-painter and some families kindly shared photos with us. It looks like they had brilliant fun!

Parties like this are a way for families to come together, relax, have a catch-up and spoil their children. The metabolic team at GOSH have been incredibly supportive of our charity and have enabled us to help lots of families attending GOSH metabolic clinics. We were able to make the party in 2016 and meet some of the families and medical professionals for the first time, having spoken to many of them over email over the years. It really was a special day and Bekki and Claire from the Trust felt incredibly proud to be able to support so many children.

Thank you, fundraisers of ours, yet again – it’s your hard work that allows our charity to do this and to spread the Campbell-love. When you see a kid getting a present from Santa, stuffing their faces with (dietary-compliant) goodies, and having their face painted, it makes all the physical challenges, craft-sales, and afternoons spent baking worth while.

Love Bekki and Mark xx


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