24th May 2018 – Privacy Policy Update, GDPR, And Changes To Our Grant System

Morning all

An earlier blog this week than usual but we wanted to let you know about some important changes to our Grant Scheme and also our updated Privacy Policy in advance of the upcoming GDPR.

GDPR – no doubt you’ve had tons of emails already about this. Data Protection rules are changing and the new laws come into effect tomorrow. We’ve made some changes to our application forms to reflect these new laws, as we have to ask for more detailed consent for the processing of data and be more explicit about how we process your data. All updated forms and the guidance documents underpinning the application process can be downloaded from our website (http://www.campbellstrust.co.uk/how-we-can-help). Please note that all new applications should use these new forms. The new Privacy Policy can also be downloaded from the site and should be read alongside the application forms.

Change to Grant Scheme – this brings us on to a change we’ve had to make to our application system. We’re a very small charity, run by a group of volunteers, and we have been incredibly well supported by an amazing group of fundraisers. We simply couldn’t do what we do without you wonderful cake bakers, cyclists, runners, crafters, golfers…Over the past 6 years we’ve given out almost 1000 grants to eligible children and raised over £100,000. Just brilliant.

However, due to an increased number of applications and limited funds, we’ve had to make a change. From 25th May, families will be able to apply for 2 grants every 12 months. Unfortunately we will no longer be able to accept multiple applications from families with more than one child with a metabolic condition. A maximum of two grants per family will be awarded every 12 months. The Emergency Grant falls outside of this – families can apply for an Emergency Grant if a need arises.

We hope this change will be temporary and we’ll revisit it in the future. We’ve been able to support lots of children and parents over the years and we want to keep on doing so.

Love Bekki and Mark xx


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