27th August 2018 – Golf Day Success!

Friday was the Trust’s Annual Golf Day and what an amazing event it was! So many wonderful golfers and supporters came along to the beautiful Naunton Downs Golf Course in Cheltenham and took part in the 6th golf event organised by the Trust. It rained, it poured and there was even lightening at some point! But that didn’t stop those brave folk – it was another wonderful day.

Huge thanks to the sponsors for their time and generosity:

Main Event – Western Computers

1st Tee – Mango Partnership

Halfway House and Lash Buggy – Tristan and friends at Chase de Vere (sorting us out with pork scratchings)

Dapper Debonair award – Horace Barton and Sons and Marcus @BarbersOnWheels

Nick and friends at Cambray Property Management – or nearest the pin competitions and longest drive (courtesy of their office swear jar, the potty mouths)

Tee sponsors – CMG Leasehold Management, Kensington Lettings, Carpet Emporium, Webnetism, Bulldog Protection Systems

And big thanks to Terry and all at Naunton Downs for putting on a magnificent spread and looking after us so well.

And, without further ado, here are the results!

Overall Team Winner: The Undydogs
Joint 2nd: CrossFit Navalia & Weapons of Grass Destruction
Overall Individual: Ryan Phillips (also the Bandit)
Longest Drive – Ryan Phillips
Nearest the Pin in 2 shots – Andy Enston
Nearest the Pin in 1 shot – Mike Salmon
Dapper Debonair – Paul Williams
Wooden Spooners – Good Boys this Year/JLL Shankers.

Well played everyone!

Another big thank you to Professor Anita MacDonald OBE and Anne Daly from Birmingham Children’s Hospital for coming along and giving a presentation about the work we do with their metabolic unit. It is always a highlight of our evening and really well received. Thanks for flossing as well, and raising £120! That’s something that will live long in the memory…

Thanks also to Simon, Sophia, Oliver, and helpers for driving the infamous lash buggy around the course. And a mega thank you to everyone who donated some drinking auction and raffle prizes. There are some very generous folks out there and we simply can’t do what we do without you.

Thank you to Nick for the scoring again! We’re relieved to leave it in your capable hands.

Well done to Dan, Grace, Holly, Charlie and Isla for doing the club cleaning again, despite the rain! And thank you for putting on a little presentation about what the charity means to you and reducing us all to tears.

Finally, thank you to Campbell’s Auntie Claire and Uncle Chris for organising another successful day. You are a pair of legends.

And…drum roll…the day raised £6000! An incredible amount. To everyone who came along and made this day so brilliant – thank you 💙

3rd August 2018 – Busy Month

Morning all. Well, we’re into August – for some of us, the weather has eased off and it’s not as baking hot. Make sure you keep stuffing yourselves with icecreams though – it’s what the holidays are for.

It’s going to be a busy fundraising month as well. Bekki takes on her 7th Half Marathon of 2018 and will be running the Newark Half as part of her Year of Half Marathons Challenge. Find out more here:


And it’s the month of the Golf Day! One of the highlights of our fundraising calendar! Campbell’s Uncle Chris and Auntie Claire are working hard again, getting ready to put on another stonking event. You can find out more on the event’s Facebook page – come along for a brilliant day!



20th July 2018 – Head Shave And Chest Wax!

Morning all – Friday shout out to a pair of epic Trust supporters who are raising funds for our charity by…drum roll…shaving their head and having a chest wax! yikes!

Alex Gardner-Wilce and his brother are undertaking this bonkers challenge on 6th August at the Revive Hair Salon in Stroud – thank you very much, lads! You can read more on their Just Giving page – good luck to them!


13th July 2018 – Reminder About The Trust’s Golf Day

Morning all

Well, the kids have broken up for summer and the countdown has begun – 6 weeks to go until the Trust’s Annual Golf Day! we can’t believe this will be the 6th one we’ve held – we’ve been so lucky to have the support of fabulous golfers and players, and everyone who comes along to make the day go so well.

Here’s a reminder of the golf packages available (click on the image to make it bigger):

The event will be held at Naunton Downs Golf Course again, which really does feel like home. It’s a beautiful course and we love being there.

If you’d like to join us for a fantastic day, just drop Chris a line. He’s the organiser extraordinaire and the wearer of funky golf trousers. chris@campbellstrust.co.uk

Hope to see you there!

6th July 2018 – Happy 70th Birthday NHS

Happy Birthday NHS! You wonderful old thing – you’ve treated, comforted, and inspired so many of us. Many of us wouldn’t be here without you, many of us wouldn’t be enjoying extra time with our families. We’re so lucky to have you and we need to do everything we can to keep you safe.

To the men and women who work in the NHS – you are all incredible. You humble us with your dedication and commitment. Thank you to all of those involved in Campbell’s care – you kept the dollop pain-free, able to enjoy time with his brother and sister, and gifted him to us for that short time. We’ll be eternally grateful.

Long Live the NHS xxx